OBJECTIVE: To finance physical isolation by delivering cash and feeding kits to vulnerable populations in coordination with MIESS.

HOW: Association with CARE, Childfund and Plan International, so that, through established and proven programs, vulnerable communities in the central highlands and the periphery of Quito can be reached with cash assistance through Banco Pichincha.

Cooperation with Fundación Raíz, Sacha Warmi, Mancomunidad Chocó Andino to reach vulnerable populations with food kits in the north of Esmeraldas, north-west of Quito and eastern Ecuador.

PROJECT LEADER: Sofía Sprechmann Sineiro.

IMPACT: 155,900+ people over 3 months, covering 13 provinces in 4 regions.

SUM ASSIGNED: US$ 2’771.462



OBJECTIVE: To implement serological detection tests and TR-PCR tests, with an emphasis on health personnel, vulnerable populations, and company personnel in order to support economic recovery.

HOW: Alliances with laboratories of the Ecuadorian Red Cross, certain private laboratories and universities.

Importation of complete test kits that meet the required quality standards and certifications.

Includes investments in laboratory adaptations and sampling operations.

Development of the ELISA Project to reduce costs in the execution of rapid serological tests nationwide.

PROJECT LEADER: Dra. Ana Paulina Celi in coordination with Josefina Coloma.

IMPACT: 14,000 T-PCR type for Galapagos and the Amazon. 10,000 serological tests for the Amazon and Esmeraldas. 10,000 Roche antibody serological tests for triage centers.




OBJECTIVE: Mobile primary health care centers located near COE / MSP-qualified hospitals to receive potentially COVID-19 infected patients and conduct a first evaluation to stabilize them and determine what type of treatment they should receive. This seeks to decongest the public health network hospitals designated for COVID-19.

HOW: Creation of three respiratory triage centers in Quito; soon two additional centers in Esmeraldas.

Contribution to the implementation of the EcuaVida telemedicine platform with national coverage.

Resources for equipment, supplies, EPP, operational management and adaptation of ambulances.

PROJECT LEADER: Dra. Beatriz León.

IMPACT: Care for around 90,000 patients over 3 months.
Ambulance care for around 5,000 patients over 3 months.

SUM ASSIGNED: US$ 719,818 for 3 months, installation and operation.



OBJECTIVE: To respond with resources and advice to unforeseen or emergency situations that require immediate responses during the health crisis.

HOW: Very agile needs assessments and development and implementation of rapid intervention solutions. High impact solutions are prioritized.

PROJECT LEADER: David Araujo, coordinating the panel of experts.

TOTAL: US$ 1’628,558

Delivery of 5 specialized radiological equipment to the Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil

Special Emergency Committee for Coronavirus in Guayaquil for the provision of PPE and supplies

Purchase of critical PPE for deliveries to health personnel and public service institutions

Support for a humanitarian corridor for around 80 Venezuelan migrants.

Citizen initiatives

Spontaneous and voluntary citizen initiatives that have joined our call for solidarity:


  • A Virtual 5K Race was developed, which added wills and funds for the cause.
  • With the name of Shunkuñan, a virtual race of accumulation of kilometers was carried out running and pedaling, to raise resources and multiply adherence to the fund.
  • Song for All was an initiative that received the contribution in messages and the gift of songs from the most relevant Ecuadorian artists and that was broadcast as a daily program by Ecuavisa.
  • Por Todos-El Arte es en Creer, a creative activity promoted by the artists of Guayaquil, which contributed a hopeful message to the cause of the fund.

The Fund has been managed with the valuable contribution of Fideval as administrator and PricewaterhouseCoopers as independent auditor, in response to our permanent commitment to transparency.

Canción Por Todos Marqués

Canción Por Todos es un encuentro entre la música y la solidaridad. Varios artistas se han unido para apoyar al Fondo #porTodosec y ayudar así a los más necesitados. Sé parte de esta iniciativa y ¡dona ahora! https://bit.ly/QuieroSerParteDeLaSolucionEC
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